Precision Tilt/Sectional Opener

Reliable, economical garage opener



If you want the best performance with super quiet operation, then the Garador Precision is the garage door opener of choice.

It effortlessly delivers smooth, reliable door control at the touch of a button. The Garador Precision now comes standard with Tri-Tran+ 128-bit advanced multi frequency technology which provides secure home access. Giving you the confidence and reliability you can expect from Garador.

Plus if you want a even quieter opener, then we can install a optional quiet belt drive, perfect if you have a bedroom or living area located above the garage.

Now comes with a 7-year, 20,000-cycle Warranty! 


The Garador Precision Overhead Garage Door Opener introduces your door to:

  • Soft Start/Soft Stop operation that reduces noise and stress on the door by cleverly adjusting speed at the start and end of each cycle
  • DC powered motor with torque of 1,000N for doors up to 18.0m2
  • Optional Battery Backup and SmartSolar™ solar charging for operation when (or where) mains power is unavailable
  • ALPS (Automatic Limits Positioning System) that makes for millimeter perfect stops at the desired open and close positions
  • C-Rail for a clean and safe installation – available in a super quiet belt drive option
  • Courtesy Light that illuminates with each cycle, and can operate separately from the door
  • Comes standard with one Tri-Tran+ Wireless Wall Mount Transmitter and two Tri-Tran+ Key-ring Transmitters


Garador Opener Essential Features

Each Garador GDO-9 Opener comes with the following reliable features and benefits:

  • Intelligent Sensitivity System (ISS) reacts to door obstructions to minimise the risk of damage to people, pets and property
  • All new wheeled trolley system for softer C-Rail operation
  • Garador™ PG-3 Programmer integration, allows service professionals to swiftly service and upgrade your opener with the latest operating firmware and advanced functions
  • Customisable operating modes that provide greater flexibility for your garage, including Vacation Mode – which blocks out all but one transmitter, and Pet & Pedestrian Mode – providing a limited opening for non-vehicular access
  • Tri-Tran+ multi-frequency coding system that uses three frequencies to overcome the increasing problem of interference within your neighbourhood
  • Tri-Tran+ transmitters also use code hopping technology to generate a new random code from over 4.29 billion possibilities with each use. You can rest assured with these odds that only your transmitters will open your garage door


What Is Tri-Tran+?

Garador’s™ Tri-Tran+ 128-bit secure multi frequency technology means your opener will never have interference from household wireless products such as baby monitors and wireless entertainment systems. So when you want your garage door to open, it will.

Why Do I Need It?

Most current garage door openers operate on a single 433MHz frequency with a wide reception bandwidth. Unfortunately many other household wireless products also operate on the same frequency and they don’t have to be in your home, they can be in your neighbours’. If one of these items is being used in your area, or is malfunctioning, it has the potential to interfere with the operation of your garage door opener.

Garador™ openers now feature unique Tri-Tran+ 128-bit multi frequency operation. The automatic frequency change function provides enhanced reliability and security, effectively overcoming common interference issues.