Grange Pressed Panel

An Attractive Door


The wide raised pattern design of the Garador Grange pressed panel is produced from heavy gauge steel to produce a reliable and distinguished horizontal dimension to entry point to your garage and home.

The ‘rectangular’ raised pattern design available in either a smooth finish or woodgrain texture that produces a refined feel that complements home ranging from the traditional to the modern.

Product Description
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The Grange garage door has a modern look with a traditional style, achieved by its rectangular, raised pressings. It’s available in Woodgrain Texture or Smooth finishes, made from 0.6 BMT medium gauge steel for security and durability. With heavy-duty components, you can rely on this door for years to come, giving you peace of mind.

Smooth & Quiet
Our garage doors provide quiet and smooth operation with factory-fitted muntins, end styles, and nylon wheels with ball bearings.

Lifting Systems
Our garage doors are counterbalanced with springs installed above the opening, and periodic servicing maintains correct tension and places less stress on components and your opener.

Automation Options
Our sectional garage doors can be operated with an automatic opener, providing convenience, safety, and security. We suggest a premium Next Gen opener with a super quiet belt-drive for optimal performance.

Optional Insulation
Our insulated garage doors can help regulate temperature and provide more comfort in your garage.

Automated sectional doors do not require a manual locking mechanism and cannot be pushed or pulled open from the outside. External locks can be fitted if needed for manual operation.

Colour Options
Choose from a wide range of pre-painted steel and optional powder-coat colours to personalise your garage door.
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Creating a Truly Flat Door
Garador minimises the effect of thermal expansion on door panel surfaces but recommends heavy-gauged steel Sierra or negative detailed.

Garador offers extensive warranties, including a 5-year 10,000 cycle warranty on sectional doors. Buy a Door & Opener Combo from Garador and upgrade to a 10-year Reliability Warranty with a Garador Precision premium garage door opener (regular servicing required).
*See here for Terms & Conditions. Regular Servicing Required.

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