Statesman Pressed Panel

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The raised pattern design of the Garador Statesman Garage Door is produced from heavy gauge steel to produce a refined elegant look for a reliable entry point to your garage and home.

The ‘almost square’ raised pattern design available in either a smooth finish or woodgrain texture which produces a sophisticated feel that complements the more traditional looking home.

Product Description
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The Statesman door features raised, almost square (370mm H x 535mm W) pressings that complement traditional colonial homes. Pressing quantity depends on the opening width and is evenly spaced out. Made from 0.6 BMT medium gauge steel, it is secure and visually appealing. Garador’s heavy-duty components ensure reliability as a home entry point.

Smooth & Quiet
Our sectional garage doors offer years of quiet, smooth operation with factory-fitted muntins, end styles, and nylon wheels with ball bearings.

Lifting Systems
Garador Sectional Garage Doors are counter-balanced with springs above the opening. Periodic servicing ensures proper tension, reducing stress on components and your opener.

Automation Options
Sectional garage doors are designed for automatic openers, providing convenience, safety, and security. For the best Door & Opener package, we recommend a premium Next Gen opener with a super quiet belt-drive.

Optional Insulation
Our Insulated Garage Doors help regulate temperature and provide comfort, regardless of outside conditions.

Our sectional doors automated with openers require no manual locking, as the opener gears prevent outside opening. We recommend automatic openers, but can assist with external locks if manual operation is necessary.

Colour Options
Personalise your garage door by choosing your favourite colour from Garador’s wide range of pre-painted steel and optional powder-coat colour options.
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Creating a Truly Flat Door
Garador strives to produce high-quality doors and openers, but seasonal temperatures and color choices can cause surface irregularities due to thermal expansion. To minimise this effect, we recommend either the Sierra or Nevada doors made of heavy-gauge steel for a flatter and more consistent finish. Contact us for further advice on your requirements.

Garador offers extensive warranties, including a 5-year 10,000 cycle warranty on sectional doors. Buy a Door & Opener Combo from Garador and upgrade to a 10-year Reliability Warranty with a Garador Precision premium garage door opener (regular servicing required).
*See here for Terms & Conditions.

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Garadors new smart phone control kit

Garage Door reliability just took a huge leap forward with the Garador Smart Phone Control Kit. You can now operate your garage door from your phone 24/7, wherever you happen to be. Turn your phone into a Garador garage door remote.


Smartphone control kit

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