The Jagger Fencing

Palisade Steel

The Jager Fencing

Heavy 3mm steel is rolled into a rigid D-profile to create the highest security fence panels. The panels are strong, durable and have the ability to rake across varied terrain.
The Jager Fencing
Product Description
Spec Sheets

• Width : 2.65m

• Rails : 50x5mm equal angle steel punched with 14mm holes

• Pales : 3mm D-profile steel, 80mm wide in trident top or spear top.

• Hot dip galvanised steel.

• Panels supplied unassembled with rails and pales.

• Palisade bolts and shear nuts supplied as standard. Huck bolts can also be used.

• Weld-on or bolt-on post brackets also available. Specify at time of order.

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